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Page Updated:  08/29/2015

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Dinners at McDonald's
This year, the Honor Choir staff want to get to know the students better. Each week we have assigned students to join us after practice for a dinner at McDonald's. Please send money for your child to eat at McDonald's the Tuesday they are assigned, and email written permission to Ms Chiles if they can ride with one of the Honor Choir staff. Please pick your child up at 7:30 at the McDonald's on Hulen and Risenger. You are welcome to drop your child off, or come in and eat.

If your child can't come on the date selected, contact Mrs. Holsteen ( to reschedule.


If you want to volunteer or chaperone this year, please follow the link on the parent page,

Honor Choir needs YOU!
Please consider the ways you can help make this a great year! Please contact Mrs. Holsteen ( to let us know  where you can be involved, or just come to rehearsals, and we will put you to work.


If you have  not joined the mind text alerts, please go to the parent information tab and sign up.


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Fundraiser Happening  NOW!
Remember each student is expected to sell at least 15 items.

Check the calendar for the dance rehearsal specific dance schedule.
Dates: Sept 24 - 26
October 8-10
November 5 - 7
November 12-13
November 14 - Veterans Day Concert

: Students will rate their choice of dances on Tuesday, September 1. Listen to the music on the rehearsal tab and check the dance schedule. Every effort is made to give the students their first or second choice; however, some students may receive their third or fourth choice due to the limited number of places for each dance.

Go to the rehearsal tab for some of the music we will be doing on the Veterans Day Concert

Click here for the Armed Forces Medley

Click here for God Bless America/God Bless the USA

Click here for The Star Spangled Banner

Click here for Show Me How (soprano)

Click here for Show Me How (alto)

Click Here for The Patriotic Festival


Kathy Chiles, Director - 817-944-1410 
l  Click Here to email me

Janice Holsteen, Assistant - 817-637-6543 l  Click Here to email me
Rachel Gonzales, Secretary - 817-739-4388 
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Honor Choir Home
S.H. Crowley Intermediate School
10525 McCart Ave.
Crowley TX 76036

An audition only choir, the Crowley I.S.D. Honor Choir is made up of the 5th and 6th grade students from ten elementary and four intermediate schools in the Crowley school district.  The 110-voice choir has been awarded every major honor in the Texas music community.  The young singers enjoy performing in all venues, from classical to popular music.  They are highly acclaimed for their annual Veterans Day concert that is a standing-room only performance.  Under the direction of Kathy Chiles, the choir performed in Carnegie Hall in 2006 and 2012 and was selected to perform for the Texas Music Educators Association in San Antonio, TX in 2004, 2006 and 2010.