The Crowley Honor Choir was founded in the autumn of 2001 by Kathy Chiles, who’d already spent 30 years shaping singers and changing lives. The superintendent of the Crowley school district appealed to her to recreate the astounding success she’d had with other choirs in his own backyard. He wanted Kathy to work her magic on his daughter and her peers.


Thus a legacy was born!


CHC is about helping children find their voices and their power through music. To date, over 1,700 young people have been transformed by her magic. On the surface, this accomplished company performs fully staged musicals and traditional choir pieces all over the country at events, competitions, and to rave reviews. But that’s just the beginning.


“It’s my mission to teach them to be empathetic people. Without a great heart, the music cannot truly be beautiful,” explains Chiles. And this is how her ARK Choir was created. Acts of Random Kindness are as much a part of Chiles’ curriculum as the charts and vocal exercises. Her students are introduced to the habits of giving and service from the very first day. This is a genuine practice of reciprocal gratitude.


The children are issued “Honor Choir Bucks”. While they have no monetary worth, these coupons are invaluable. Choir members are encouraged to open their hearts, use their imaginations, and creatively give freely of themselves to anyone in need. “I get letters from my students about the things they’ve done. This changes lives.”


A natural choir director and voice whisperer, Kathy recalls having imaginary students when she was a small child, emulating her aunt. You see, choir is not only in her heart, it’s part of her history, her DNA.


Some choirs are lucky to have a great teacher filling the spot of director. CHC is immeasurably blessed to have a woman with a true passion for her position. “I should have retired a long time ago,” reflects Chiles. “But every time I think about it, I cry.”


So do we, Kathy. And we are eternally thankful that you’re still here to guide more budding artists through this magical journey of gratefulness and song. Kathy Chiles is a treasured legend.


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We bring laughter, joy, and ARK to every performance we do!