PRACTICE DAILY – We will check for memorization and we want to help you!  Keep listening and studying your music. This list will update so keep checking.

Listen to music on Rehearse Music page 

Week of August 27th

Focus on Memorizing:

  • Aladdin Medley

  • A Tribute to Queen

  • Sister Act

  • We Dance (Once On This  Island)

Already Memorized:

  • Thank You, Soldiers

  • A Tribute To the Armed Forces ( all words)

  • Solfege Song


  • A Patriotic Festival

  • God Bless America/God Bless the USA​

  • Lift Thine Eyes

  • Pie Jesu


  • Ask your parents to post the fundraiser on facebook !!!  

  • Fill out your Act Of Random Kindness report ONCE A WEEK- you can do this on the website.

  • Make sure your pencils are behind ear at begining of choir !


COMING SOON Decide the order in which you like the dances.  There are 5 dances.   We will give you a paper and you need to choose which dance you is your first, second choice etc. There are no dance auditions. Ms. West-Hardy will select dancers after the first two full rehearsals.


The schedule for all the dances through the Veteran’s Day Show will be on the website Calendar Page  You and your parents need to check and make sure you can attend all the rehearsals for the dance you choose.   Choose a dance that works with your schedule.  Dances are not mandantory.

FUNDRAISER  is due  September 17 Please get to work on it for the HC and your child.  What we can do for the students is dependent on the success of the fundraiser.

Singers, know all  the Solfege hand signs  (Do, Re, Mi,  etc)

You can see the sheets on the Sight Reading Factory page

WE WILL NOT CALL ON ANYONE TO SING ALONE.  However, I might let someone volunteer! 

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