An audition only choir, the Crowley I.S.D. Honor Choir is made up of the 5th and 6th grade students from ten elementary and four intermediate schools in the Crowley school district. 


The 110-voice choir has been awarded every major honor in the Texas music community. 


The young singers enjoy performing in all venues, from classical to popular music. 


They are highly acclaimed for their annual Veterans Day concert that is a standing-room only performance. 


The choir performances include multiple concerts at  Carnegie Hall and as featured performers for the Texas Music Educators Association in San Antonio, TX 

​Welcome to Honor Choir!


What is Crowley Honor Choir? It is more than a community choir or a neighborhood outreach. CHC is a legacy!


It is over 17 years of beautiful music, trips and camps, pizza, performances, and Acts of Random Kindness. CHC creates lifelong friendships and memories. It builds amazing character through hard work, unconditional support, and healthy competitions. It is concert halls from NYC to Dallas and rehearsals in Crowley Texas. CHC is sporting events and television shows. Long after the curtain goes down, CHC voices are still heard.


Please book us now and we will share the love and laughter of our music with you at your next event. Let’s make some memories together!


But that is only the beginning!

CHC is about helping children find their voices and their power through music. To date, over 1,700 young people have been transformed. On the surface, this accomplished company performs fully staged musicals and traditional choir pieces all over the country at events, competitions, and to rave reviews. But that’s just the beginning.

One central  mission of the choir is to teach them to be empathetic people. Without a great heart, the music cannot truly be beautiful. And this is how the ARK Choir was created. Acts of Random Kindness are as much a part of curriculum as the charts and vocal exercises. Students are introduced to the habits of giving and service from the very first day. This is a genuine practice of reciprocal gratitude.


The children are issued “Honor Choir Bucks”. While they have no monetary worth, these coupons are invaluable. Choir members are encouraged to open their hearts, use their imaginations, and creatively give freely of themselves to anyone in need. 

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We bring laughter, joy, and ARK to every performance we do!