WHO: Most Honor Choir Students will be selected to perform on 2 of the 4 tours. 

WHAT: Tours are 30 minute performances used to recruit incoming Honor Choir singers for the next year .  Students pack a lunch and will do 3-5 performances that day.

WHERE: The Choir performs at each elementary campus in the district. (15 schools) Tours leave at 7:30 AM from the SH Crowley Campus and return around 2 PM.

WHEN: Tour Dates are  on the following Thursdays: January 23, January 30, February 6 and February 13.

Students will be scheduled to attend 1 or 2 tours. (not all 4 tours)
Each Tour will have 25-40  performers.
List of performers for each tour is HERE
Student will perform a 20 minute program.

UNIFORM: Students will perform in Red Honor Choir Polo, Khaki Pants (any brand) and Black Shoes.

Students not in correct uniform will not go on tour.

MEALS: Students  must  bring a BAG LUNCH and a drink.

TOUR 1           Thursday January 23

Arrive 7:30      Deer Creek (dropped off by parents)

8:00-8:40        Deer Creek

9-9:30              Bess Race

10-11               SH Crowley

12                     Lunch

1:15-1:50         Sue Crouch

                          We will return your child to their home  school


TOUR 2            Thursday January 30

Arrive 7:50      June Davis (dropped off by parents)

8:20-9:00        June Davis

9:40-10:15       Sycamore

10:30 -11:05   David Walker

                        We will return your child to their home  school



TOUR 3           Thursday February 6

Arrive 7:30      Oakmont

8-8:40              Oakmont

9:15-9:50         Dallas park

10:50-11:25    Parkway

12                     Lunch

1:15-1:50         Mary Harris

                          We will return your child to their home  school


TOUR 4           Thursday February 13

Arrive 7:30      Hargrave

8:00-8:40        Hargrave

9-9:30              Jackie Cardon

10-10:40          Meadowcreek

11-11:40         Lunch

12:15 -12:45   Poynter  

                         We will return your child to their home  school


MUSIC FOR TOURS:  (Tentative)
-Solfege Song

-Forevery Young (Hey, Mr Tambourine Man) (NEW)

-Thank You, Soldiers 
-We Dance

-We WIll Rock You (Queen)

-Shout (Sister Act)