WHO: Most Honor Choir Students will be selected to perform on 2 of the 4 tours. 

WHAT: Tours are 30 minute performances used to recruit incoming Honor Choir singers for the next year .  Students pack a lunch and will do 3-5 performances that day.

WHERE: The Choir performs at each elementary campus in the district. (15 schools)  Tours start at the assigned campus  and students are returned to their home campus after the tour.  You must drop off  your child at the school location their tour begins at (NOT S H Crowley)

WHEN: Tour Dates are  on the following Thursdays: January 23, January 30, February 6 and February 13.

Students will be scheduled to attend 1 or 2 tours. (not all 4 tours)
Each Tour will have 25-40  performers.
List of performers for each tour is HERE
Student will perform a 20 minute program.

UNIFORM: Student sin TOUR 2 -3 4 will wear their PATRIOTIC UNIFORM Black Shoes. (Dont forget... Red Bow tie- black socks- cummberband for boys- pull hair back!)

Students not in correct uniform will not go on tour.

MEALS: Students  must  bring a BAG LUNCH and a drink.

TOUR 1           Thursday January 23

Arrive 7:30      Deer Creek (dropped off by parents)

8:00-8:40        Deer Creek

9-9:30              Bess Race

10-11               SH Crowley

12                     Lunch

1:15-1:50         Sue Crouch

                          We will return your child to their home  school


TOUR 2            Thursday January 30

Arrive 7:50      June Davis (dropped off by parents)

8:20-9:00        June Davis

9:40-10:15       Sycamore

10:30 -11:05   David Walker

                        We will return your child to their home  school



TOUR 3           Thursday February 6

Arrive 7:30      Oakmont

8-8:40              Oakmont

9:15-9:50         Dallas park

10:50-11:25    Parkway

12                     Lunch

1:15-1:50         Mary Harris

                          We will return your child to their home  school


TOUR 4           Thursday February 13

Arrive 7:30      Hargrave

8:00-8:40        Hargrave

9-9:30              Jackie Cardon

10-10:40          Meadowcreek

11-11:40         Lunch

12:15 -12:45   Poynter  

                         We will return your child to their home  school


MUSIC FOR TOURS:  (Tentative)
-Solfege Song

-Forevery Young (Hey, Mr Tambourine Man) (NEW)

-Thank You, Soldiers 
-We Dance

-We WIll Rock You (Queen)

-Shout (Sister Act)